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1. Paragraphs and sentences
When you read an article in a newspaper, magazine, or story, you will notice that it is divided into pragraphs. You own composition has paragraph divisions, so it makes sense to begin by making sure you know how to write a good paragraph.
It is important to remember that a paragraph is not just some sentences randomly thrown together. It is made up of a group of connected sentences, often related to one main idea.
Look at these two groups of sentences, which of them can be recognised as a paragraph?
An Kang lived down the road. Police looked for the escaped panther in his house. His house had an attap roof.
An Kang lived in the old house down the road. Its zinc roof and wooden walls had provided his family with shelter for twenty years. Now the government was going to pull it down.
This first sentence in a paragraph often suggests to you what the rest of the paragraph is about. For example, if you begin a paragraph with “This is how you make an ommlette”, the rest of the paragraph should show how an omlette is made. Similiarty, one would expect a paragraph that begins with “Bagus Sudiatmo is the most person Interesing person I know” to contain information about Bagus Sudiatmo and why he is interesting. Read the following paragraph and choose the sentence from the passage that best begin it.
First of all, I woke up late. Then I got on the wrong bus. When I reached Campus, Mr. Agus announced a remedial test. During recess, I spilled a bowl of noodles. On the way home, someone stole my wallet. I never want to go through a day like that again.
The answer you must choose
Mr. Agus is an unkind lecturer
I had an interesting day last Monday
Last Friday was the unluckiest day I have ever had.
It was my first day in campus
2. Cohesion
Earlier. You were told that sentences can not just be thrown together in a paragraph. There must be cohesion within a pragraph: for example. The sentences must be related in their ideas or in their sequence. Read the following paragraph.
This is how you make an ommelete. First, break two eggs into a bol. Then beat them until they are frothy. After that, add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Fry it in a little oil.
Here the sequence is created by the steps taken to make the omelette. The underlined words, called, “connector” or linking words, connect the sentences and help to establish the sequence. They are useful in giving cohesion to paragraph.
Taken by: ayatullah nurjati

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