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1. The subjunctive in English is the simple form of the verb when used after certain verb indicating that one person wants another person to do something. The word that must always appear in subjunctive sentences. If it is omitted, most of the verbs are followed by the infinitive.
• We urge that he leaves now
• We urge him to leave now
Study the following list of verbs:
Advise demand Prefer require
Ask insist propose stipulate
Command move Recomend suggest
Note: the verb want itself is not one of these verbs.
In the following rule, verb indicates one of the above verbs.
Subject + Verb (any tense) + That + Subject + (verb in simple form)……
• The judge insisted that the jury return a verdict immediately
• The doctor suggested that his patient stop smoking
2. The simple form of the verb is also used after impersonal expressions with the same meaning as the above verbs. The adjective that fit into this formula include the following:
Advised necessary recommended urgent
Important obligatory required imperative
Mandatory proposed suggested
In the following rule¸ adjective indicates one of the above adjectives.
It + be (any tense) + adjective + that + subject + (verb in simpe form) ……
• It is necesssary that he find the books.
• It was urgent that she leave at once
• It has been proposed that we change the topic

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