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PARTICIPLES are verb forms. A verb’s -ing form is its PRESENT
PARTICIPLE. The -ed form of a regular verb is its PAST PARTICIPLE; IRREGULAR
VERBS form their past participles in various ways (for example, bend,
bent; eat, eaten; think, thought—for a complete list. Participles can function as ADJECTIVES (a smiling face, a closed book).
A verb’s -ing form can also function as a NOUN (Sneezing spreads colds),
which is called a GERUND. Another verb form, the INFINITIVE, can also func-
tion as a noun. An infinitive is a verb’s SIMPLE or base FORM, usually preceded
by the word to (We want everyone to smile). Verb forms—participles,
gerunds, and infinitives—functioning as nouns or MODIFIERS are called
Some VERBS must be followed by GERUNDS used as DIRECT OBJECTS. Other
verbs must be followed by INFINITIVES. Still other verbs can be followed by
either a gerund or an infinitive. See Box 43-1:
Yuri considered calling [not to call] the mayor.
He was having trouble getting [not to get] a work permit.
Yuri’s boss recommended taking [not to take] an interpreter to the
permit agency.

Gerund after go
The word go is usually followed by an infinitive: We can go to see [not go see-
ing] a movie tonight. Sometimes, however, go is followed by a gerund in
phrases such as go swimming, go fishing, go shopping, and go driving: I will
go shopping [not go to shop] after work.

Gerund after be + complement + preposition
Many common expressions use a form of the verb be plus a COMPLEMENT
plus a PREPOSITION. In such expressions, use a gerund, not an infinitive, after
the preposition. Here is a list of some of the most frequently used expres-
sions in this pattern.


be (get) accustomed to
be angry about
be bored with
be capable of
be committed to
be excited about
be interested in
be prepared for
be responsible for
be tired of
be (get) used to
be worried about

We are excited about voting [not to vote] in the next presidential election.
Who will be responsible for locating [not to locate] our polling place?

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