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Kinds of Passages

The Reading Comprehension passages have academic content and style and include topics from a variety of fields including arts, sciences, social sciences, etc. There are four kinds of passages:
  1. Expository: An expository passage is non-fiction and will often be in the form of a memoir or autobiography. Questions on an expository passage could include main idea, author’s purpose, (to inform) context clue, fact and opinion and inference.
  2. Technical: A technical passage could include directions on how to make or do something, or be a manual or document such as a library card. Questions on a technical passage could include author’s purpose, (to inform), cause and effect, chronological order and chronological words such as first, then and last.
  3. Narrative: A narrative passage is a fictional story. Questions on this type of passage could include main idea, author’s purpose, (to entertain or inform), supporting details, setting, character, mood, tone, context clue, theme, inference, figurative language such as simile, metaphor, and personification and point of view.
  4. Persuasive: A persuasive passage will try to convince the reader to believe a certain way about a topic. Questions on this type of passage will include main idea, author’s purpose, (to persuade), and may ask students to identify persuasive techniques such as bandwagon and logical and emotional appeal. taken by :text

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