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Knowledge of Vocabularies

Here are base (or root) words in English form which other words are made. These related words are called knowledge of vocabulary and it grows as affixation. Word can be related in Noun, verb, adjective and adverb forms. They are often identified by their suffixes and prefixes
Pattern to remember

  1. Noun Suffixes include: ance, ence, ation, dom, ism, ment, ness, ship, er, ist, or, ess, ion, tion
  2. Adjective suffixes include: able, ible al, ful, ish, ive
  3. Adverb suffixes include: ly, word, wise
  4. Verb suffixes include: en, ify, ize
Word examples
  1. Noun Suffixes; governance, reference, stratification, freedom, government, goodness, friendship, singer, violist, actor, actress, generation,
  2. Adjective suffixes include: readable, audible, removal, beautiful, reddish, expensive
  3. Adverb suffixes include: beautiful, otherwise
  4. Verb suffixes include: blacken, purify, emphasize
  1. Noun prefixes include: re, de, dis,
  2. Adjective prefixes include: im, a, auto
  3. Adverb prefixes include:  un
  4. Verb prefixes include: en, re, pre
Word example
1. Noun Prefixes: reformation, deforestation, disqualification,
2. Adjective prefixes include: impossible, amoral, autobiography,
3. Adverb prefixes include:  ungentlemanly, unfortunately
4. Verb prefixes include: enlarge, repair, prepaid

For example: Beautician beautifies beautiful girl in a beauty shop.
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