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Hopless romance

By: Icard Nurjantan
O, Thou art, in my dream–nacked in the moonlight
O, Thou art, in my holdin’ touch so tight
O, Thou art, …always in my mind
O, and thou art also in my hand
Alas, Venus, Thou gi’e me the art of life in the trace
Alas, Rose, Thou gi’e me the art of utterance
Alas, Bird, Thou always bring me a beautiful scenery
‘Tis I doth not even know here, I my self want to embrace closely
I my self is always lonesome think over my destina’ione
How a beautiful thou art! Dance in emo’ione
If I my self see Thou, I always fe’l hungry
Sometimes I my self is ma’e angry
Like a bee fee’s dry of honey
It pla’s smoothly at the green valley
Like the flower blossom in the winter
Like a man who makes love painter
I my self who’s lookin’ for–never found an eternal love
And, with Thou I my self marry in survive
And, whose nobody else which is feelin’ as same as I my self in lovin’
He or she is a hopeless romance which is not always preceisin’

At tanjung Duren when I found new bird in my heart
2.30 AM, May 7th 2003

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