Wadah Profesionalisme Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris SMK Negeri dan Swasta Jakarta Barat 2 Provinsi DKI Jakarta


by: Icard Nurjantan
The scenery life is so lovely as a reality
‘Tis at glance so great
‘Tis so far so good as opportunity
So tight so close like a beat
So blue so sorrow in this land
So crime so treat
The scenery always brings us into the good hand
Till we forget that we’re defeat,
How a beautiful the scenery is!
Dance in peaceful like the fusty,
Bare in the milk away in miss
Playin’ in Venus with the dust,
For the teenager who loved a flatterin’
The way is made so undrestandin’
And the animals that love a woe
And the armies that live a foe
 There is not the world for saying in jailing
We can sharing suffocate in the sailing
Sleep in the sun with the necked breast
The consciousness with the amazing touch under the breeze of death match
The game of life between the poorest and the richest,
The most beautiful and the ugliest, which we watch
And the opposite the world view
The good scenery had been create’ by the God
We can say this symbol of mutualism with the explosive blew
And the angels who had been following the rein of God
Or the fairness reality of the point of look like utterance inside the world
The world had been crowded of the people who are living here heavily
Even though ‘tis forbidden by the god straight forwardly
But the norms and the rain cats and dogs make all that became sin
‘Tis true that just only the wind knew all a bout reality
The question is, - why we can not sit back with the reality
And the god who really know between the heaven and inferno or reign
Even the prophet had taught that religion was made for people in peace
Philosophers had been teaching that the philosophy is way to understand the life
These questions make the world become more beauty
For the people who always want to go–bring the charity

I ask my self to the literature taught the reality of life, at my rent house
4.56 AM. January 26th 2003

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