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Frankly speaking, some university students are not interested in graph. Probably, it is caused by two main reasons, namely: first, they do not realize the main function of graph, and second, the are unable to find out information in the graph. Actually, all kinds of graph function as sources of information. The information not only enriches knowledge, but also as the main factor in making decision. More over there are several types of graph. They are pie-chart, histogram, diagram and in a broader sense table also belongs to graph. All these kinds of graph can be found in textbooks, magazines, journals, articles, newspapers and other scientific writings.
Steps How To Explain Information on Graph
1. What is the graph about? It means the topic or the title of the graph. It is easy to find out the topic of the graph by looking at the sentence placed on above or below the graph. However, title can be put on the left or right side of the graph.
2. Pay attention to the horizontal axis and the vertical axis if any. We need to explain what the horizontal and vertical axis is about. Remember, not all graphs have horizontal and vertical axis. Table, for example, has rows and columns.
3. The last step is explaining complete information. This is the most essential step, because all information must be presented in detail. Some terms we may apply, such as: total, average, peak of, increase to, decrease to, stand at, lowest, the reduce, the increase, approximately, same with, etc.
 Take a look at your Business English Module Pages 56 – 59
Taken by: http://esa134.blog.esaunggul.ac.id/2012/12/13/explaining-graph/ (Laris Sagala)

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