Wadah Profesionalisme Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris SMK Negeri dan Swasta Jakarta Barat 2 Provinsi DKI Jakarta


by: Icard Nurjantan

The earth is place for living
The moon is place for traveling suffocate
The sun is the place for sharing life
The moon and the sun naked in holding edge of boring, friendship with the earth, which is interminable

The blue sky has been bored to revealed beautifully
Humans wiped it out with the rotting
The ground has been old—start to delicate
Because the human offer the ignoring

The water is lazy to froze and boiling
The nature starts to creaking and windy
The animals cry on their destiny

All spices world is eager to quick
The human claps hand with the enigmas
There is no mercy for this place
Only the slaver, which is always ordered following the god

All life is not so vivid because of the trickery of human
Humans who are always being the king in this place
The arrogant king is always penetrating distrainment
They bring all reins the name of the human being and green

Slipi, May 21st 2019

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